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Measure and installation for Retailers

Every retail space is different. Your building could be built from a range of building materials and in a multitude of configurations. The landscape and the environment around it could also vary and thus impact further on your retail space. Or if you are using storage units or mobile counters, they could vary due to different manufactures.

It is for these reasons that Blockout Roller Shutters will always conduct a site inspection to determine the best product for your retail space or storage units and the correct installation method.

Blockout’s experienced consultant will examine your retail building’s structure to carefully determine:

  • What is the optimum way to install the shutters?
  • What shutter componetry is best suited to meet the site requirements?
  • Do you have power access for automated control?
  • Where will the controller be installed?
  • What colour will most fittingly suit the building’s exterior?
  • What are the aperture specifications?
  • Are there any other installation options to consider?
    • Building’s orientation
    • Height and width of window aperture
    • Access.

If the roller shutters are to be installed on retail storage units or mobile counters, our consultants will:

  • Check compatibility with our product specifications.
  • Determine the level of security required and advise on the best product option.
  • Comply with shopping centre guidelines.
  • Match colour to company branding.

Other factors that will be discussed with you include:

  • If you are planning to build a new retail space or extension, do you require your roller shutters to be built-in so there are no visible headboxes?
  • Do you require your roller shutters to be installed in difficult applications such as high-pitched roofs, angled and shaped windows?
  • Do you need to meet local bushfire regulations and if so, what impact will they have on your design?

To discuss these issues and arrange for one of Blockout’s expert consultants to review and quote on your roller shutter requirements, please Contact us.


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