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Environmental control for Retailers

Control the environmental impact on your retail building or space

Blockout Roller Shutters are the best product on the market when it comes to controlling the environmental impact on your retail shopfronts, storage areas or display units.

No other externally fitted product can provide your retail environment with:

  • Protection from heat gain in summer
  • Prevention of heat loss in winter
  • Protection from storms and flying debris
  • Protection from bushfires
  • Control of light and UV rays
  • Reduction of external noise
  • Protection of skylights or glass roofs from hail damage.

Blockout Roller Shutters will also help with reducing your building’s carbon footprint on the environment by reducing its greenhouse emissions. Through the thermal characteristics in the shutter’s design and construction, your building will:

  • Heat up more quickly in winter
  • Stay cooler for longer in summer
  • Consume less energy
  • Have appliances that operate more efficiently
  • Save money in electricity costs.   

If you install a Blockout Roller Shutter on your display units or mobile counters, not only do you get the security of the Maxiblock system, you also get the benefit of extra insulation to protect your valuable merchandise.

For further information, you can download any of the following pdf files:

Compliance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA)

All Blockout Roller Shutters comply with the BCA. To learn more, please read our detailed BCA Compliance page.

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