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The benefits of Blockout Roller Shutters

By installing Blockout Roller Shutters on your property, you will benefit from the following features:

Blockout heat

Blockout Roller Shutters can reduce heat gain through glass windows in summer by up to 90%. The shutter's thermal characteristics are achieved by an air pocket formed between the shutter and the glass. Benefits include:

  • A cooler building environment in summer.
  • A saving of up to 30% in your electricity bill through lower energy consumption.
    from air conditioning units.
  • A reduction in your green house gas emissions.
Download Blockout Heat leaflet


Blockout cold

Blockout Roller Shutters can reduce heat loss through glass windows in winter by up to 70%. As the roller shutters are fitted externally, they create an insulated air pocket between the shutter and the window. This provides the following benefits:

  • A faster heating time and a warmer building. 
  • Appliances will operate more efficiently.
  • A saving of up to 30% in your heating bills through lower energy consumption.
  • A reduction in your green house gas emissions.
  • A reduction in condensation on glass.
  • Cleaner and dryer windowsills.

Download Blockout Cold leaflet


Blockout noise

Tests have shown the polyurethane foam core in Blockout’s roll formed aluminium roller shutter design can provide noise reductions of up to 50% (subject to the building’s construction).

Download Blockout Noise leaflet


Blockout storms

Blockout Roller Shutters can protect your property from extreme weather conditions including:

  • Flying debris
  • Hail
  • Strong winds
  • Tropical cyclones.

Download Blockout Storms leaflet


Blockout intruders


Blockout’s rigid interlocking aluminium construction, combined with its standard dual locking system, makes it virtually impossible for an intruder to enter your home. For added security, Blockout’s Maxiblock system is three times stronger than our Original Blockout Roller Shutter.

Download Blockout Intruders leaflet


Blockout light

Blockout Roller Shutters can reduce or eliminate the effects of streetlights, headlights, sunlight or annoying glare. You can benefit from:

  • Controlling the amount of ultra violet rays in your home to protect valuable furnishings from fading.
  • Darkness during the day so shift workers can sleep. A darkened room to help children sleep better during the day.
  • Shutter settings can adjust interior light from unrestricted sunlight, to soft filtered light or almost complete darkness.

Download Download Blockout Light leaflet


Blockout bushfires

Government agencies now advise installing aluminium window roller shutters for added protection from bushfires. Blockout Roller Shutters can reduce the effects of bushfires such as:

  • Stopping scorching heat from entering buildings.
  • Preventing window or door glass from shattering.
  • Stopping internal fittings such as curtains and other soft furnishings from igniting.

Download Blockout Bushfires leaflet



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