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Blockout Roller Shutters - Client Testimonials

Dear Blockout,
We had Blockout Shutters installed on our house. I cannot tell you what a difference they have made. 

We live in an area where we have snow, heavy frosts, and, in the winter, we regularly drop below freezing of a night time. With Blockout Shutters, there have been nights when we have been able to turn the heater off, and still the house has remained warm!! It is amazing!!  (We have flued gas heaters). In the morning when we get up and the shutters have been down all night, the house is never like an icebox anymore!  If we have turned the heater off it is cool, but never freezing like it used to be before we got our shutters, which means that it doesn’t take as long to heat the house up in the mornings.

With Blockout Shutters, in heavy rain, and hail storms they protect our windows. (And our windows stay cleaner). On rainy nights we can close them so there are “gaps” and leave the windows open and we get air in the room and no rain coming in the window.

In high winds, and we are prone to high (gale force) winds where we live, we never have to lie awake at night listening to the windows rattle and shudder and wonder if they will last the night. Blockout Shutters block out the noise! We have not had a broken window since they were installed!

In the summer, we can put them part the way down and they help keep the house cool.

When my husband has to work nights, he can put the shutter down in the day, and not only does it block out noise, it blocks out light so he can sleep well.

We know that Blockout Shutters are not cheap, but they have indeed paid for themselves, with being able to turn the heating off, keep the house cool, and no broken windows due to high winds.

Best choice we ever made!!! Thank you very much.

Sincerely, C Hopkins.



Hi Sonia,
Many thanks for your assistance in my installation.
The shutters or should I say “The Blockout Shutters” ... look fantastic. They are a good design, well engineered with a high standard of fit and finish. In my opinion, they are the best of their type in the marketplace! 

J Scipellitti


Dear David,
It would be remiss of me not to convey to you the impression your employees exhibited whilst installing our new shutters. Your installers were nothing short of professional in their dealings and work performance.

On inspection of the final project, it looks good, works well and your installers left the premises without leaving any evidence of their presence other than their excellent installation.

Your installers are a credit to your organisation and you must be proud to have ambassadors of this calibre.

K & J Hofer


Dear Customer Service,
Thank you very, very much for your prompt, courteous and efficient service in fixing my shutters. 

A Francis


Dear David,
Your service department came to my home last month to inspect and repair one of my Maxiview shutters. Thanks to their expertise, the job was completed satisfactorily and the prompt response and proactive actions are much appreciated. 

P Jin


General Manager,
The purpose of my letter is to thank Blockout and its staff for being a customer centric company. Our experience with Blockout has been a very good one. We found your office people, your installers and your service people yto be very considerate, helpful and extremely courteous.

Your company not only differentiates itself on the basis of quality of product and price, but it certainly has managed to differentiate itself on the basis of customer service experience. You should be congratulated for this business ethic.

P & J Fenech


Dear David,
Once again you have far exceeded our expectations.

C & B Fenwick


To the Manager,
I would like to congratulate your company on the excellent service I recently received when the curtain on my roller shutter needed to be replaced.

From the initial contact by phone my queries were knowledgeably and politely answered by your telephone staff. Both tradesmen who called at the house – the first to diagnose the problem and a week later the second to fit the new curtain, were prompt and efficient and able to communicate well.

H Simpson


Dear Natalie,
We have now lived with and used our Blockout Shutters for some weeks. Congratulations! They are everything your sales engineer, Raef, promised they would be and more.

From the initial contact with your company, through the pre sales letter we received, Raef’s visit and the pre installation visit, your people set themselves a very high standard.

On the day of installation that standard was met and surpassed by your installers. Their workmanship and helpful and friendly manner were a credit to Blockout Shutters. Thank you. 

M W Graf


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