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Blockout Roller Shutters - FAQs

Why do I need a Blockout Roller Shutter?

Blockout Roller Shutters will:

  • Protect you and your property from intruders 
  • Reduce the impact of extreme weather conditions
  • Lower your electricity bills in summer and winter through reduced energy consumption
  • Eliminate the need for curtains, creating a more dust free environment for allergy sufferers.

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Why use Blockout Roller Shutters over other products?

Blockout Roller Shutters will provide you with more benefits than other products because:

  • Awnings will provide shading but are not designed for insulation and are prone to storm damage
  • Grilles provide security but are a hazard in fires and are unsightly
  • Blinds will give you privacy but no insulation or security
  • Double-glazing provides noise reduction but restricts access to fresh air and evacuation if there is a fire.

Why are Blockout Roller Shutters more expensive than our competitors?

Everyone loves a cheap price, but unfortunately, you get what you pay for – cheap quality. At Blockout Roller Shutters, our prices are based on:

  • Supplying only premium quality products made from genuine Australian and imported materials 
  • All products are installed by our skilled installers 
  • All products are guaranteed for 2 years and we offer full after warranty service
  • All operational motors are guaranteed for 5 years
  • All work is measured and quoted beforehand so you don’t get any hidden surprises
  • All work is made to order to suit your individual needs.

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How do I operate a Blockout Roller Shutter?

Even though Blockout Roller Shutters are fitted externally on a building, they are operated from the inside. The shutters are operated either manually by handle or electronically with a remote control.

Please read Technical Information for more information

How do I maintain my Blockout Roller Shutter?

Blockout Roller Shutters are relatively low in maintenance. Check these three areas for optimum efficiency:

  • Keep tracks and side bars free from debris
  • Avoid any build up of dirt, leaves or twigs on the pelmet
  • Make sure the shutter is firmly down before locking it.

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How do I clean my Blockout Roller Shutter?

All Blockout Roller Shutter surfaces have been finished in hardwearing enamel baked paint. These surfaces can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or light spray of water. No harsh chemicals are required and depending upon your location, the shutters only need cleaning once every 12 to 18 months.

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Why should I choose a Blockout Roller Shutter?

By choosing Blockout Shutters over any of our competitors, you will benefit from:


Our roller shutters are made with the best quality shutter components on the market
We have designed and developed them for Australia’s harsh weather conditions.


Blockout have the largest range of roller shutter styles, colours, control types and components available. We can offer you the best shutter option to meet your individual requirements without having to compromise on features


We offer genuine competitive prices without misleading customers with fake discounts or unscrupulous sales techniques. We believe our quality, range and price must go hand in hand to offer our clients a complete premium quality package


We provide complete service on all Blockout Roller Shutters, new or old, plus we also service most other brands. All work is carried out by our trained licensed staff

Exclusive features

Blockout’s range of roller shutters include unique features and exclusive products. We have actively researched and developed our designs to meet well beyond the needs of the Australian market

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If you have any further questions, please email your questions and details to or please call our office during business hours
on 02 9725 3477 to speak with one of our consultants.

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