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Blockout Roller Shutters - Service Call

All Blockout Roller Shutters come with a two-year warranty

When you purchase a Blockout Roller Shutter, you are buying the highest quality product on the Australian market. Our roller shutters are assembled in Australia using local and overseas materials and components. Plus most importantly, all our shutters come with a full two-year warranty on parts and labour.

We provide service and maintenance support

While Blockout Roller Shutters are generally low in maintenance (see useful tips below), occasionally you may need a service call. Reasons for a service call could include:

  • A fallen tree branch has damaged your shutter
  • An electrical storm may have damaged the control box
  • Fallen debris or dust in the tracks could stop your shutter from locking
  • Damage through human error
  • Tenants in a rented property have not maintained the shutter correctly
  • You don’t have the time or the ability to regularly maintain your shutters.

Blockout’s Service Department can help you with any of these issues, plus we can conduct regular maintenance checks, replace old shutters and advise you on new installations. Email your request on or contact us to make an appointment.

We can service and maintain other brands

Some roller shutter companies may not provide service on their products or honour their warranty (be wary of companies who offer a "10 Year Warranty" and the conditions attached to their warranty). Or worse, they could have closed up shop overnight leaving you with a 10 Year Warranty that is absolutely worthless. This could result in a product that:

  • Is incorrectly installed
  • Does not open and close properly
  • Has faulty electronic control
  • Is difficult to operate
  • Will not lock
  • Needs replacement parts.

If you are in this situation, Blockout can supply you with full service and maintenance on your shutter (most brands included). We will fix your problem or if it is beyond repair, we will provide you with an obligation free quote for a new shutter. Simply email your request on or contact us to make an appointment.

Useful tips on how to look after your Blockout Roller Shutters

To keep your Blockout Roller Shutters operating year after year, follow these simple tips:

  • Keep tracks and bottom bar free from debris.
  • Avoid any build up of dirt, leaves or twigs on the pelmet or shutter profile.
  • Make sure the shutter is firmly down before engaging the lock.
  • Wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth or lightly spray unit with a hose.

If you have any questions or would like more information email your
request on or contact us to speak with a consultant.

To book a Service Call, please email your details to
or to find out more information or to speak with a consultant, please Contact us.




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